Fascia’s & Guttering

Fascia’s and guttering play an important role in protecting your home from the elements. Without them, rain and snow could easily damage your roof and walls. Fascia’s are the horizontal boards that run along the edge of your roof, and guttering is the system of pipes and gutters that collect and carry away rainwater.

The guttering system is usually made up of two main types of pipe: the downpipe, which carries water from the gutter to the ground, and the lateral, which takes water from the downpipe to the drain. There are also a number of other components, such as the gutter guards and leaf strainer, which help to keep the system clear and functioning properly. The most common material for guttering is PVC, although other materials, such as aluminium, copper and steel, can also be used. PVC is a lightweight and durable material that is easy to install and maintain. It is also available in a range of colours to match the exterior of the building.

Renewals & Repairs

Adur Home Improvements offer repair services for your existing fascia’s and guttering to ensure they are in top working condition and are providing your home with protection from water damage.

If you are looking to refresh or renew your fascia and guttering then we have a range of great looking products that will fit with the existing aesthetic of your house, whilst also giving your home an updated makeover.

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Customer fascia & gutter reviews

“This was a very professional job carried out by a really nice workforce. I could not find any fault with their work or their manners” – C. Everett

“This company completed the work in a quick and professional manner, I am delighted with the overall look! M. Valentine

We would highly recommend Adur Home Improvements for their quality of work, courtesy and total professionalism. Everything was completed as they said it would be and was excellent value for money. Wouldn’t hesitate to use Adur Home Improvements again in the future.” – N. Smith